Animal blood separation centrifuge
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Animal blood separation centrifuge

Our factory cooperated with many biotechnology companies to supply the large capacity refrigerated centrifuges, for blood cell products need to get the plasma from the blood, mostly get from animals. Our factory do many test to get the nice separation from the cow blood. Details information, please send email to us.
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CDL7M touch screen blood bag centrifuge

CDL7M Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge is with max capacity 6x2400ml, max speed 7000rpm,It can spin twelve 500ml triple or quadruple blood bags. If it hold 2400ml bottle, the total capacity would be 14400ml. And 6×2×1000ml swing rotor can meet the request of biopharmacy. It is the preferred instrument in the fields of biopharmacy, biological products and blood bank.


◆Brushless frequency motor, in great torque, free maintenance,no power pollution, quick in speed up and down.

◆LCD Touch Screen display which indicats the program, rotor No, speed, time, RCF and temperature.

◆France Tecumseh Compressor Unit filled with R404a CFC-free refrigerant,pre-cooling function ,double cycle cooling, cold and hot alternating easily, free environment pollution and precise in temperature control.

◆Microprocessor control , 100 programs in store, 10 kinds of accelearation and deceleration for your choice.

◆Automatically electric lid lock, over speed and imbalance protection.

◆ Differnt rotors and adapters for choices to meet various experimental requirement.

◆Speed, RCF, time, temperature can be edited during running.

◆High quality steel centrifuge body , stainless steel chamber, built-in stainless steel explosion-proof protect sleeve, 3 tiers protection,safe and reliable.

CDL7M blood bag centrifuge Rotor information

Changsha Medlab instrument founded in 1998, is now one of the leading companies worldwide professionally engaged in the R&D, production, sales and service of high quality centrifuges and autoclaves.
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