Classifications of centrifuges
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Classifications of centrifuges

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Laboratory centrifuges have a wide range of applications, and are generally used in various laboratories such as hospital laboratories, scientific research institutions, food and drug inspection laboratories, and food sanitation laboratories. We'd likd to introduce how to choose centrifuges and centrifuge tube types according to experimental needs, as well as centrifuge operation precautions and safety risk prevention.


What are the classifications of centrifuges?

According to the type of structure can be divided into: desktop centrifuge and vertical centrifuge (floor centrifuge)

According to the separation method can be divided into: filter centrifuge and sedimentation centrifuge

According to the speed, it can be divided into: low-speed centrifuge (<10000rpm/min), high-speed centrifuge (10000-30000 rpm/min), ultra-high-speed centrifuge (>30000rpm/min)

According to the size of the capacity can be divided into: micro centrifuge (micro centrifuge or mini centrifuge), small capacity centrifuge, large capacity centrifuge and super large capacity centrifuge

According to whether it is frozen or not, it can be divided into: refrigerated centrifuge and non-refrigerated centrifuge

In addition, it is classified according to different purposes.

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