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Household Blood-Pressure

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Household Blood-Pressure

The principle of home electronic sphygmomanometer adopts oscillometric method, which is accurate in principle. Its clinical verification is designed by auscultation method as a standard and statistical method. In modern indirect blood pressure measurement method, it is divided into auscultatory method (Auscultatory). Method) and Oscillometric method.

The auscultation method has its inherent shortcomings: First, there has been a debate on whether the diastolic pressure corresponds to the fourth phase or the fifth phase, and the discriminating error caused by this is very large. The second is to judge the systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure by listening to Korotkoff sound. The readings are affected by a series of factors such as the doctor's emotion, hearing, environmental noise, and the tension of the testee. It is easy to introduce subjective errors and it is difficult to standardize.

Although the electronic sphygmomanometer made by the principle of auscultation has realized automatic detection, it has not completely solved its inherent shortcomings, that is, the error is large, the repeatability is poor, and it is susceptible to noise interference.

At present, most blood pressure monitors and automatic electronic sphygmomanometers use the oscillometric method to measure blood pressure indirectly. The oscillometric method measures blood pressure by establishing the relationship between systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, average pressure and cuff pressure shock wave.

Because the pulse-pressure shock wave has a relatively stable correlation with blood pressure, the blood pressure results measured by the oscillometric principle are more accurate than the auscultation method in the actual home self-test blood pressure application. Moreover, there is no pickup device in the sleeve when the oscillometric method measures blood pressure, the operation is simple, the resistance to external noise is strong, and the average pressure can be measured at the same time.

It must be pointed out that from the measurement principle, there is no more accurate problem between the two indirect measurement methods, so it does not mean that the results of the auscultation using the mercury pressure gauge are more accurate than those of the electronic blood pressure monitor. Of course, it is also wrong to assume that the measurement results of the electronic sphygmomanometer are more accurate than those measured by the auscultation method using a mercury pressure gauge.

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