How to recommend suitable centrifuges to your customers
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How to recommend suitable centrifuges to your customers

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Three elements of centrifuge selection

1. Speed (centrifugal force) 2. Capacity 3. Temperature

1: How to determine the rotational speed (centrifugal force)?

The role of the centrifuge is to provide (centrifugal force) by rotation to process the loaded sample.  The formula for centrifugal force is 1.12×r×(n/1000)2, and the coefficient 11.2 is calculated based on the acceleration of gravity (1g=9.81m/s2).  r = the effective radius of the rotor, n = the speed we set.

Communication Guidelines:

Will centrifuged samples have unnatural sedimentation?  Settled within 24 hours.  choose low speed

(within 5000r/min).  Stand still for 24 hours without settlement, select high speed (above 10000r/min)

Note: 1. High-speed rotors can be turned at low speeds. Many people use 6×50ml angle rotors to turn at 2000r/min.

2. There are only two ways to generate centrifugal force physically, rotation and throwing.

2: How to determine the capacity?

How many samples need to be centrifuged?  Is the unit of measurement liters or milliliters?  Estimate:

If it is 500ml (6×50ml=300ml), it will be separated twice.  If it is 10L (4×250ml=1L)

It takes 10 times to leave.  4×800ml can be considered.

Communication Guidelines:

The industry is divided into production and inspection. Inspection and testing generally take less samples, while production generally requires a larger capacity.

In general, the horizontal rotor has a large capacity, but the speed is low; the angle rotor has a small capacity, and the speed is relatively high.

3: How to determine the temperature?

Does the biological activity of the sample have temperature requirements?  Does over 40°C deactivate the sample?  Refrigerated

The main function is to suppress the heat generated by the high-speed friction between the rotor and the air, and provide a stable working temperature for the sample.

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