Medical X-ray equipment
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Medical X-ray equipment

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Medical X-ray equipment

Due to the different purposes of diagnosis and treatment, the structure of the medical X-ray equipment is different. In general, however, the X-ray apparatus is composed of an X-ray generating device, an X-ray imaging device, and an attached device.

1. An X-ray generating device is a device that performs X-ray generation and controls it. It generally includes an X-ray source assembly, a high voltage generator, and a control device.

2. X-ray imaging devices come in many forms, such as digital imaging devices including detectors (flat-panel detectors, CCD detectors, etc.), computer systems, and image processing software; other imaging devices include fluorescent screens, film cassettes, and image intensifiers. , video TV, etc.

3. The X-ray attachment device refers to various facilities associated with the X-ray generation device designed to meet the needs of clinical diagnosis and treatment. It mainly includes mechanical equipment such as inspection beds, diagnostic beds, catheter beds, photography beds, etc., various supports, suspension devices, brake devices, holding devices, filter grids, filter plates, and occlusion devices.

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